6 Tips to Improve Your Net Promoter Score

Gather feedback from quality surveys

April 29, 2021
Get tips and tricks to ensure your next NPS is the most effective if can be.

1. Improve Survey Design

Use good design to minimize the # of clicks it takes to complete your NPS survey. Leverage digital tools such as Typeform or Delighted to seamlessly integrate your survey into email, website, or point of sale system.

2. Establish a Smart Survey Cadence

Survey individual customers no more than once per quarter-- especially if you haven’t significantly changed your product or service. Instead, survey sets of customers on a rolling basis to keep your hand on the pulse.

3. Segment Data to Unlock Next Level Insight

Intentional customer data segmentation will yield next-level customer experience insight. Send surveys and track responses at different points along the customer journey to see how your brand performs at all stages.

4. Develop “Thick Skin” and Focus on Trends

Don’t obsess over individual reviews. Focus on trends to detach your ego from individual bad reviews and get in a mindset for discovering actionable insights.

5. Use Net Promoter Score to Measure Employee Satisfaction

Make a simple modification to your NPS question to survey your employees. Tracking and improving Employee Net Promoter Score (eNPS) will likely lead to improvements in your customer NPS since happy employees make happy customers.

6. Invite the Customer to your Weekly Meetings

Dedicate time at the beginning of your weekly leadership meeting to discuss NPS and/or critical customer feedback. This will help your team stay aligned and make decisions with the customer in mind.


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