Content Marketing Tips for the Holidays

Make the Most of the Merriest Time of Year

Anne Hinman
Anne Hinman
Content & Community Manager

Let’s start out with a matter of fact: 64% of shoppers are visiting social media platforms to get inspired and find gift ideas. If you need a little more persuading, consumers spend $630.7 billion during the holiday season – about ten times the other spend-worthy holidays combined. Whether you are selling toy cars or car insurance, holiday content is an important aspect for this time of year to keep your audience engaged. 

1. Get festive.

There may be lots of planning that goes into your holiday campaigns, but we can start simple, and get your audience excited about this time of year. Adding some holiday flavor by updating your cover image on your social media or adding festive attributes to your logo. There is a light-heartedness that is established when brands get in the spirit, even if you do not have a physical storefront. 

Another ample opportunity comes from sending out holiday cards. No- you don’t have to round up the troops and get a group photo together (although that wouldn't hurt), a simple “Happy Holidays” from Your Business will do. Including a logo, slogan and business name you can reinforce your branding, and create some name recognition. Although direct mail campaigns may end up directly in the recycle, sending out holiday cards will most likely be opened, so it doesn’t hurt to send these out to remind leads, current clients or even “dead” leads a non-salesy reminder of your business. 

And the fact is, holiday cards aren't that expensive– so why not?

2. Create a holiday branded deal.

As we enter into one of the busiest times of the year, it is important to pour a little of that holiday spirit into your content marketing plan. Shoppers are always looking for holiday deals– even if you sell car insurance. By putting a festive spin on a discount or price bundles. By adding the element of the season with the scarcity of the holiday, there is more desire to buy.

Payments that occur at or near the time of consumption increase attention to a product’s cost, boosting the likelihood of its consumption. 

3. Collect and post customer reviews

Customer reviews are nothing new for business, but the desire to hear from other customers before purchase is. Before making a purchase, studies have shown that before making a purchase, 54% of online shoppers and 39% in-store shoppers go online for a review (Bazaarvoice, 2021). Customers are trusting other online reviews as a reliable and personal recommendation (or rejection) for the product. This will be more important than ever as we approach one of the biggest shopping days of the year. 

Make it easier for your audience– post some reviews! In addition to influencing buying decisions, displaying customer feedback can strengthen a company’s credibility, and gain customers trust. There is an encouraging aspect to sharing feedback, and customer interaction can ultimately lead to sales.

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4. Highlight your best selling product or services with a holiday twist

For those that do not have the festive creativity of Mr. Claus, look to the traditional activities many have been using for years. By tapping into holiday nostalgia, you can highlight a different product or service as the 12 days of deals, or post a photo with a holiday countdown.

For more inspiration, Instagram will help guide you further, as one of the most popular hashtags during the Holidays is #24days.  

Customer Review Study 

5. Repurpose content

If your business is no Cindy-Louhoo, consider repurposing old content with some added holiday flair. Go back through your year of content and find the post that performed the best. Tweak the copy and exchange the creative element with relevant images. Your audience won’t realize the remake, and you can easily schedule out the new content, and you can focus on the year to come. 

As the busy buying season is here, the key to remember is customers are actively looking for incentives. Deloitte’s 2021 Holiday Retail Survey showed on average, holiday budgets are expected to increase by 5% from 2020.

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