How to know if you have Revenue Dysfunction

...with Advanced Business Stagnitus

Brian Fabel
Brian Fabel
Business Analyst

Imagine this: an above-average CEO comes home from a long day at the office, pours a drink, turns on Hulu. The all-too-common direct to consumer pharmaceutical ad pops up, but this time, it's addressing their business:

Do you suffer from decreasing profitability? Does your company feel more like a federal institution rather than an agile team executing a future-facing strategy? 

Are you plagued by internal soup-du-jour operational fires that prevent you from moving your long-term agenda forward? 

Is your bottom line just not what it used to be?

If so, then you might be suffering from Revenue Dysfunction with Advanced Business Stagnitus.

Revenue Dysfunction affects 8 out of 10 balance sheets. Most leaders fail to recognize revenue dysfunction with advanced business stagnatitus because their advisory board told them “great job” or “don't worry, we’ll get to that next quarter.” 

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Once the perplexed CEO turns off the television, the ad lingers. In the back of their mind, they have had the nagging sense that something hadn’t been right, but couldn’t pinpoint the problem. 

Their previous attempts to fix their company’s revenue had come up short, so they’d succumbed to the inevitable growth plateau. They had also tried to address problems with internal resources, but the people they hired were good at creating order — not at leading their team out of the chaos of stagnation.

give me the gist
You might be suffering from Revenue Dysfunction with Advanced Business Stagnitus: experiencing fog-of-(business)-war, poor positioning, or realizing your team lacks the knowledge of how to move the needle in the marketplace. If so, ask your doctor about the Only Exercise today.

They even tried working with an agency, at least in a way that checked the “marketing” box. But this just added another row to the house of cards and masked the underlying issue. They were able to say, “Agency X does our marketing,” yet the vendor failed to correct the problem. 

The Moral of the Story

Here’s the thing: marketing isn’t something that an agency or partner does. It’s what your business does, at every level. Marketing is your positioning, your product, your message — everything you do to drive revenue. Just like Peter Drucker said years ago:

“Marketing encompasses the entire business. Marketing is the whole business seen from the point of view of its final result, that is from the customer's point of view. Concern and responsibility for marketing must therefore permeate all areas of the enterprise.”

Maybe your business suffers from fog-of-(business)-war, poor positioning, or a team that lacks the knowledge of how to move the needle in the marketplace. All of these are common symptoms of Revenue Dysfunction with Advanced Business Stagnatitus. It’s time to take action before the condition becomes untreatable.

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