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The art of staying relevant online in today’s day and age

Amelia Ponce
Amelia Ponce
Campaign Specialist

We live in a world where technology and consumer patterns are constantly changing, shifting, and evolving. For most, this is a trend that can be quite challenging to keep up with, especially while running a business. Society's pressures of always being up-to-date with the latest social media trends, platforms, and techniques can sometimes take a toll on businesses, thus steering them to leave social media in the dust.

The reality is: if you want to stay relevant, you must not fall behind. Tradition means nothing these days, especially when it comes to advertising. We’ve been blessed with (and cursed with) a continuously evolving realm of online presences, platforms, and avenues to navigate...all the while learning how to use them efficiently, create meaningful content, and consistently be active within them. It can sometimes feel like we’re constantly playing a game of catch up. 

But there’s good news. With a solid brand presence, an award-winning strategy, and well-thought out content, you can conquer social media, one post at a time. 

Luckily for you, we’ve dumbed it down into 7 helpful tips when it comes to utilizing social media for your business.

1. Use well-designed, powerful, and high-quality imagery.

The first-step in creating a powerful social media presence is using well-designed and high-quality imagery. When users come to your page, their first impression is what they see. You want your feed, posts, and images to be aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eye, while also providing a vibe that connects with your target audience. 

This means utilizing your graphic designer’s mad Adobe Suite skills and your photographer’s impeccable eye for artistic photos. The content you produce must, and I mean MUST, gain the attention of potential clients, customers, and followers. Posting grainy, low quality images, videos, or graphics will do nothing but label your business as unprofessional. 

Show them that you care about your presence.

2. Utilize all forms of creative

This is the part where you should always be actively striving to be up-to-date with the latest trends. There are multiple forms of creative that are being used online, and you should try to be proficient in most, if not all of them. Video, designed graphics, professional photos, GIFs, reels, the list goes on. 

Try not to overwhelm yourself, maybe start with video and photos. The point being: your creative should be evolving just as you expect your products and services to do so as well. By offering content that’s digestible in more ways than one to your audience, you are setting yourself up for success when it comes to follower and customer retention — and engagement.

3. Keep your content focused on your target audience

Find your niche and stick with it. Just like your business, you want potential customers to not only connect your content, but feel as if the content was made for them. It’s crucial that you know who your target audience is, what they want to see/read, and how to serve it on a silver platter to keep them engaged. By generating specific content that appeals to them in more ways than one, your likelihood for gaining traction with relevance sky rockets, and so does your potential for business growth — “customer empathy,” as we like to call it.

What problems are you solving for them?

4. Never post just to post

You want users to look forward to your posts, to constantly be wondering, “what will they do next?”. The more powerful and meaningful content you produce, the more likely users are to trust and connect with your brand. 

There should always be a purpose to what you’re creating for your audience and your goal should always be to gain and hold their attention. Test out different types of content, whether that’s before and after photos of projects your company has completed, or maybe it’s customer testimonials — find what they like and continue to use it to your advantage. 

Most importantly, make it fun. Find topics that you know you can speak on that will create added value for people to follow your pages. Who knows, a majority of them may turn into future customers.

5. Showcase Culture

Our CEO, Josh Law, likes to quote Peter Drucker’s famous mantra: “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” Culture has been a focal point in many up-and-coming companies, and let’s be honest — we love to see it. We’re humans, and even though technology and the power of social media is greater than ever, it’s important to highlight human connection and workplace culture. 

Ways to do this is to simply share with users more about who you are — the people behind the pretty designs and images. Share those funny and personal stories of your employees, highlight their achievements and workplace traditions, and shed light on how your workplace culture is one that’s positive, fun, but also where you take business seriously. 

This will not only help individuals connect with your team by putting a name to a face, but it will also shed light on what it's like to work and be a part of your team. Thus, the likelihood of recruiting and hiring high-quality employees increases.

Bada bing bada boom.

6. Keep social pages up to date.

There’s nothing that will turn away potential customers and followers from your social media than out of date and stale activity. That just shows them that you’re not present, so why would they be concerned with getting to know who you are and what you have to offer? 

Users want to follow and engage with brands or businesses that take initiative when it comes to social media. They follow you because they like what your business stands for, the content you produce, and the quality of its products or services, and what you have to say.

This means being consistent and reliable with the frequency and quality of content on your pages. Show up and stay present.

7. Stay true to your brand.

You put so much work into creating a brand that people will remember, now stick to it. If your brand sucks, well then maybe it’s time for a do-over. If it doesn’t, great, keep reading.

By working your brand colors and aspects in with your content and designs, your customers and followers will be much more likely to remember and familiarize themselves with your brand and brand aesthetics (a.k.a., brand recognition, people!).

Continuously keep aesthetics in mind; this will be important as you attract more people to your page while encouraging them to interact with your business, and become loyal followers.

Final Thoughts:

It’s time to get to work. 

These tips will only help you if you continue to change with technology and social media trends. Your ability to adapt, grow, and evolve will not only set you apart from other businesses on social media, but in the marketplace as well. 

As Charles Darwin once said, “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” Here’s to becoming masters at social media.



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December 01, 2020.

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