Marketing Still Matters

Clarity and Communication In Times of Uncertainty

April 2, 2020
Some quick tips to help your business lean into your marketing and engaging your audiences — both internally and externally.

In the next two months, the world is going to experience a shift in the way we interact with our customers and our employees. 

When the market experiences a downturn, a common knee-jerk reaction of many businesses is to pull the plug on their marketing tactics. However, we believe marketing is everything your customer and employees see from their perspective — and we know the best thing you can actually do is continue to engage through intentional marketing. 

When you emerge on the other side of these unprecedented times, you’ll want to have preserved and built customer loyalty through offering genuine value in a time of need. People won’t just remember what you did; they’ll also remember how you made them feel. 

Here are some quick tips to help your business lean into your marketing and engaging your audiences — both internally and externally:


  1. Find fresh, creative ways to engage.
    Send personalized letters. Create videos around your products and services that offer information, insight, and value. People will be looking for connection more than — this is the time to embrace the opportunity to communicate in new and meaningful ways. 
  2. Go deeper on Facebook.
    In particular, Facebook’s business platform is a multifaceted and very cost effective way to reach your audience. 
  3. Offer new, relevant products or services to customers.
    Right now, for any number of reasons, they may not be able to buy your product — but that doesn’t mean they won’t buy from you. Consider what you’re uniquely able to offer customers that would allow them to make a decision quickly and easily. (Even if it’s offering to buy their groceries!)
  4. Use video.
    Everyone is on their devices, and as quarantines continue to be instituted, people are hungrier than ever for semblances of physical interaction. Audio and visual of real people can go a long way toward providing a sense of connection in this time.
  5. Create less chaos, instead of more.
    The old adage still holds true: slow down to go faster. Marketing doesn’t mean you have to make things complicated. Take the time you need to stick to what makes you, you, and double down on the value you can provide. 


Just like your customers, remember that your employees are experiencing a chaotic environment and uncertainty. Their perception of the company — how you define the internal marketing — is vital to your continued well-being as a team.

  1. Learn video conferencing.
    There are so many tools that are making this easier than ever. You can’t over communicate in times like this. (If you need any recommendations or help, reach out — we can help!)
  2. Make sure that your goals are outlines.
    You likely had quarterly goals or yearly goals. You’ll need to shorten your time frame as things change and new goals are defined, and keep your team in the loop with all the necessary changes.
  3. Don’t worry about over communicating with your team — there’s no such thing right now.
    Use whatever methods you can to mobilize and keep your team updated. Slack is an incredible tool for this purpose that our team uses to categorize conversations and maintain context, while reducing confusion. 
  4. Stay calm and be supportive.
    Right now, many of your employees are confined to their homes with their families. It’s going to have an inevitable effect on their days, so be on the lookout for ways to provide empathy and support. If you can actively take the pressure off your employees, you’ll maintain the morale and a culture of team unity — and who knows, you might even find some fun in the process. 
  5. Invite the team to participate in innovative thinking.
    Consider your community and engage your employees to be actively thinking about what it needs, and what you can do to serve it. This is the perfect time for everyone in your company to step up and add value. Encourage fresh thinking from every corner, implement new strategies, and celebrate the collaboration. 

No matter what lies ahead, we’re committed to staying the course and helping you to do the same. Market on, friends!

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Nate Laible

Business Development Executive

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