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The Extinction of Mindless Advertising in an Age of Timeless Storytelling

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The advertising industry — particularly in the world of commercials — has changed so much in the past decade. With production teams and freelance videographers becoming more affordable, companies have been hiring or outsourcing a lot of their creative work to achieve a specific new look.

What is this gold standard that is so highly sought after, you might ask? It’s the idea of cinematic/narrative commercials. A very popular commercial that went viral in 2016 for this style of advertising was a two minute ad from a director of photography named Agustin Claramunt — a breathtaking masterpiece that is so immersive, it sucks you in and leaves you genuinely intrigued in what is being advertised!

This brand wouldn’t be the first nor the last that found themselves hiring production teams to make these fantastic short film ideas into commercials. Companies like Pepsi, Old Spice, Apple, Jeep, Liquid Death, REI, Osprey, and so much more have realized that, since the attention span for a human is roughly 6-8 seconds, there needs to be a new way to reach and hook their audiences. 

There is always a lot of debate around what visual marketing style, whether it be stop animation, claymation, or cinematography, is the superior form of outreach. Regardless of the type, a Venngage article states that from 2016 to 2019 there was a 40% increase across all visual marketing strategies. Videos have been trending more and more. The need to provide visual narratives has challenged and leveled up the creativity and uniqueness of many of these brands.

Now, you might be wondering how the idea of cinematic video storytelling benefits you as a small business or start up. Focusing on better video ads can boost conversion in sales, especially through encouraging social shares, increasing your reach. Landing page videos are a great example. And when it comes to spreading the news, 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with their social network, making it one of the most popular ways to share content. Also, the storytelling opportunity is an amazing way to show why your brand can stand out and make a unique difference.

Consumers are way more interested in buying an experience, not a product, and narrative story telling humanizes any brand. Show them what your brand means before you try to sell them something they might think they don't need. Inspire an emotional attachment, and a reason to feel your product is more than just another “thing”.

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