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Learn more about Only Co and how we can uniquely position your organization to win.

November 16, 2020
Learn more about Only Co and how we can uniquely position your organization to win.

Hello from Only Co!

You’re reading this post for two reasons.

  1. We’ve worked together, talked about working together, or corresponded at some point via email.
  2. We’re creating valuable content to serve our contacts — a.k.a., you — and making sure every minute you spend reading our emails is worth it.

Our entire purpose is uniquely positioning entrepreneurial minded organizations to win.

To that end, here’s a video we made about ourselves. Check it out, then read on for more about how you should do the same for your business.

It’s no secret that in 2020 that videos provide a reliable and engaging way to connect with your customers. What matters now, more than ever, is content that grabs attention and stands out in the digital crowd.

When you’re ready to upgrade your visual engagement strategy with a video or animation, here are five quick questions to ensure you make the biggest splash:

  1. What is the one specific goal? Every video should do one thing extremely effectively, not several things sort of well.
  2. What is our budget? Making a great video is less about the number of dollars and effects, and more about making every cent work creatively.
  3. How do we tell our story, our way? Start where everyone else does and you’ll get a script that sounds like everyone else’s. Figure out your voice and don’t stray.
  4. What don’t I need? Less is more across the board. Every millisecond counts. Pack impact into every moment or your audience will disengage.
  5. Do I have a stand-in audience? Run your drafts by someone with fresh eyes who can speak for your target customer. Especially with video, it’s easier than you think to be less clear than you wish.

We used these questions in creating the video you saw above, and we’re aiming to get insights like these into your inbox on the regular — things from our team to yours, to help build your business.

We’ll also be updating our blog in the weeks ahead with longer content, discussing relevant business topics that range from universal economic principles to the nuts and bolts of digital marketing…and everything in between.

To get a feel for what you can expect, check out our first article below for tips about how to engage your audience in uncertain times.

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