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May 14, 2020
Ever wonder why you can visit a site and all of a sudden have ads served to you? You entered a marketing funnel. Read this to learn more.

Don't worry — EVERYTHING IS OKAY. 

We don’t know your social security number, credit card info, or even your name or location. We simply know that “someone” (that’s you) has visited this page. At this very moment, you’re merely a User who’s currently in a session on our website. 

The Situation

You clicked a link, in the marketing email we sent out, or an ad on Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Maybe you found us through a Google search, and were interested in what we had to say with some spare time on our hands. We don’t exactly know.

Maybe you’re a potential client, a hot lead, or someone who landed here by accident. Maybe you’ll click away from this page and immediately forget about this encounter, and the name Only Co. won’t even register as something you’ve ever had contact with. Again: no way we’d know that.

What we do know is that you know us now. And we know that you are more likely to think about us — to recall our brand, this blog, or our message — than anyone who hasn’t landed on our website before. 

For that reason, we’re going to run some tests on you. Buckle up! 

Why, and What, Exactly Are We Doing?

Before we get into what those tests are, though, let’s zoom out a little.

There are 7.53 billion people on the planet. About 2.37 billion of those people are on Facebook (meaning we can reach them with ads). 244 million of those people live in the US. 

Approximately 1 million of those people are potential customers of ours — meaning they are entrepreneurship-minded, and have the ability to spend $100,000 or more on business development and marketing in the next year. Of those 1 million, we believe that approximately 10,000 people who are ready to make a buying decision with us right now. 

Clearly, we have a classic “needle in a haystack” situation when it comes to reaching our customer through advertising.

And since you did come to this page, there is a small chance that you could be one of those 1 million potential customers of ours — especially if you live in the US. That’s right…you’re one in a million! (Maybe!)

But here’s the thing. Instead of having to reach all 1 million potential customers, who may or may not have any interest whatsoever in working with us, we can reach you: Anonymous User, who is reading this blog post, currently wondering if by the end of this article they will find any information of value whatsoever.

The good news for us is it’s cheap to reach you. In fact, we could probably hit you with an ad 1,000 times, for anywhere from $10-20. But we’ll try to avoid that, since that frankly doesn’t do anyone any good. 

Instead, we’ll take you on a journey — sort of like a “Choose Your Own Adventure” — where we’ll dangle some carrots in front of you in the form of tantalizing content, covering business topics that may or may not spark your interest or fit your personality or your business vertical, or be the answer to the perilous situation you and your business are currently in. 

Anyway, since you’re already strapped in to the advertising rollercoaster, we really owe you the courtesy of telling you what you should expect moving forward. 

Into The Funnel 

As soon as you loaded this page, you triggered what’s called a “pixel fire.” We have several pixels, or tracking scripts, on the site, that allow us to reach you through various marketing and social platforms. Since Facebook is the most widely used social platform in the world, with the most powerful advertising machine known to man, we’ll just stick with that as the prevailing example of what you are about to experience from us.

That pixel I mentioned has now matched this visit with your Facebook profile. (REMEMBER: We cannot identify you as an individual simply by your visit to this page. Facebook merely places you in an anonymous audience that we’re subsequently able to target with ads.)

As a result, even if this is the only article of ours you visit, you will begin to see ads from Only Co. with generalized content: blogs about universal truths in business, some example work from us, maybe a certain video about our company mission...

Featuring this intriguing character.

If you click on one of those ads, or watch 10+ seconds of our video, we’ll go ahead and move you down into the next level of our funnel, and start asking for some info from you. 

I mean, we’re basically on our second date...it’s fair for us to learn your name, at least? Maybe even get your number, right? We’re not asking you to marry us, or even commit to us...just wondering if you enjoy our company and might want to hear our thoughts every once in a while. 

To put it bluntly: we’re not going to call you to try to set up some sort of sales meeting. Seriously. If you’re not interested in paying us for our expertise, we’re not interested in spending any time at all to try to fix your problems. 

We’ll keep trying to offer value through our literary meanderings, business musings, and anecdotes, all drawn from our experience serving hundreds of businesses across about as many industries. We’re under no delusion that just because you’ve read two of our blogs, you’re ready to spend even a few thousand dollars with us.

We’ll continue to put these thoughts to paper, get them in front of you, and give you new ways to digest the content we’re creating, in more seamless ways. 

Getting Deeper

You’ll start seeing content that is oddly specific. Maybe it’s a blog about a specific vertical, or very specific problem that some businesses face. By putting those content pieces in front of you, we’re looking for clues — ways to get you to self-identify as qualified or interested in a certain area.

This helps us put more content in front of you that is likely to suit your interests, vertical, or problem. And once we have played this game for a while, we’re able to predict a surprisingly large number of things about you.

Eventually, enough is enough. It’s time to act.

Using our CRM’s lead scoring tool (we use a software called Act-On, by the way), we set a threshold for when to reach out with a very straightforward message, something along the lines of: “I think it’s time you spend some money with us.” 

You’ve evidently got problems you’re unsure how to solve. You’re grasping at any morsel of information or insight from us to help you solve it, but you just can’t clear the fog.

Our response: Let us help.

Now What?

Alright. Now that you know all our secrets, you may just want to skip this whole process and pay us $100,000 right now. If that’s the case, here’s my cell number: (573-673-9357). Give me a ring. I don’t care what time it is. Let’s talk! 

A slightly more likely scenario is that maybe you landed here by accident, decided out of curiosity to read this entire post, feel like you wasted precious moments of your life, and just want this nightmare to be over. If that’s the case, click the giant button at the bottom of this page. It’s a link to one of our most favorite pages on this site: the funnel exit. 

It’ll exclude you from receiving our ads. Forever. It’s the page for people who REALLY don’t want to hear from or see us ever again. To which we say: the feeling’s mutual, so go right ahead!

Truth be told, making sure that you fit our qualifications is another way we make sure we’re actually able to provide the solution you’ll need. And if you don’t like us, then that’s really good evidence that we won’t be able to do that.

If you’re like most of the people who land on this page, who just want to learn a bit of info to sharpen your edge every now and then, just keep on keepin’ on. I hope our content brings value to your day. 

Who knows, we might even end up working together...

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