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We believe that business building allows us to create the most impact for the widest range of industries and organizations. In order to do that we believe in the deep, intrinsic value of every individual — and every individual business. We understand and encourage the personal, professional, and entrepreneurial development of our team members makes us all better.

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Director of Campaigns

The mission for this role is to develop industry-leading digital campaigns for all Only Co. clients and partners, and ensure 90% of campaigns are hitting quarterly performance targets by Q4 2021.
role BRIEF

This role works closely with the Director of Brands, as well as other content creators team-wide, to create and deliver creative, successful campaigns for Only Co., as well as our affiliated brands and clients. Our campaigns aim to maximize opportunities for engagement, indexing, ranking, click-throughs, and conversion. You’ll lead strategy and be engaged in content creation in short and long formats, as well as responsible for managing individual advertising budgets and report preparation to deliver campaign results. Your involvement will ensure engagement, brand consistency, and a positive client and brand experience.