Neiman Enterprises Rebranded as a Forestry-First Company, Transforming Perception and Driving Sustainable Forest Management
Original Problem / Opportunity

Neiman Enterprises, a family-owned forest products company, faced a critical challenge in communicating the value of sustainable forest management and the importance of mill infrastructure in maintaining healthy forests. Influenced by misconceptions and a lack of understanding, public perception often portrayed Neiman as a profit-driven, "tree-killing" enterprise. This narrative and bureaucratic decision-making within the Forest Service threatened Neiman's access to raw materials from public lands and its ability to contribute to responsible forest management practices.

Negative Stakes

Failure to address this challenge would have resulted in:

- Continued misperception of Neiman as a profit-driven company, undermining its credibility and reputation

- Reduced access to raw materials from public lands, jeopardizing the company's operations and ability to support sustainable forest management

- Missed opportunities to educate the public and policymakers about the benefits of responsible forest management, including improved forest health, reduced wildfire risk, and enhanced wildlife habitat

Positive Stakes

By tackling this issue head-on, Neiman aimed to:

- Reposition itself as a forestry-first company, prioritizing forest health and sustainability over product-centric messaging

- Build trust and credibility among stakeholders, including the public, policymakers, and environmental groups

- Secure long-term access to raw materials from public lands, ensuring the company's ability to support sustainable forest management practices

- Drive positive change in forest management policies and practices through education and collaboration


Recognizing the need for a trusted, unbiased voice in the forest management conversation, Only Co. developed a multi-faceted strategy:

- Created "We the Forest," an independent brand focused on telling authentic stories about forest management, its importance, and the people behind it

- Produced a series of 18 one-minute videos featuring diverse stakeholders, including scientists, conservationists, and forest users, sharing their perspectives on sustainable forest management

- Advised Neiman on building collaborative relationships with key stakeholders and establishing a collaborative group to guide forest management decisions

- Repositioned Neiman as a forestry-first company, revamping its messaging, website, and communication materials to prioritize forest health and sustainability


Through this strategic partnership, Neiman Enterprises and Only Co have:

- Generated over 800,000 views of the "We the Forest" video content, spreading awareness and understanding of sustainable forest management practices

- Built a network of collaboratives, industry associations, and conservation groups committed to telling authentic stories about forest management

- Transformed Neiman's public image from a product-centric enterprise to a forestry-first company dedicated to promoting forest health and sustainability

- Secured ongoing investment from stakeholders in telling the story of sustainable forest management, ensuring the longevity and impact of the "We the Forest" initiative

By embracing a forestry-first approach and leveraging the power of authentic storytelling, Neiman Enterprises has positioned itself as a leader in driving positive change in forest management practices. As the company continues to work with Only Co and "We the Forest," they are poised to make a lasting impact on the health and sustainability of America's forests.