STANDOUTS — Brandon Fields, Old Bones Therapy

A conversation with Brandon Fields, Old Bones Therapy

For our second episode of STANDOUTS, an Only Co. Production, we sat down with Brandon Fields out of San Carlos, California, Founder and CEO of Old Bones Therapy

Check out the full episode here, and keep reading for a summary of our chat below:

Like many living in the Bay Area, Brandon is an avid do-er. His activity of choice? Skateboarding, and a lot of it. What makes Brandon’s story unique — much like the name of his company — is that he isn’t some 20-something year-old shredding up the half pipe at the local skate park. He’s actually just shy of 50. 

Brandon revisited his love for skateboarding fifteen years ago at the age of 35. Since graduating college, Brandon has put in 30+ years working as a software engineer, but has always found himself gravitating towards being active, skateboarding, and doing things he’s passionate about with people he loves.

About five years ago, Brandon began noticing more and more changes in his body after leaving the skate park. His back was sore, his knees hurt, and he realized that, overall, his bones weren’t what they used to be. Something Brandon had always dreamed of doing was starting a business of his own, specifically a product based company. With all of these sudden revelations, he realized that he had a problem that needed to be solved, and that he actually wasn’t the only one experiencing it in his community of skateboarders. 

Before he knew it, Brandon was doing product research and prototyping to find a solution to relieve the pain he was experiencing — but in a way that appealed to him. Through detailed observation, extensive product research, and putting his own spin on designs that appealed to him, Brandon was able to grow his business and product offerings to help those like him who were on the go and whose bones needed a bit more support. 

Old Bones Therapy started out with a back brace for their first product. But it wasn’t just your average back brace. Brandon wanted to create one that specifically solved a problem of his. Being a dad, he didn’t have time to sit on the couch and ice his aches and pains when returning from the skate park. What he needed was something that enabled him to have support and ice his back, yet while still getting sh!t done. This back brace enabled him to do so. Genius, right? 

You can get yours here: 

From there, Old Bones Therapy has created several additional offerings, from medical products like compression sleeves, braces, and paddings, to socks, supplements, apparel, and more. There isn’t anything inherently sexy about Old Bones Therapy or its products. What makes them STANDOUT is their attention to detail, their dedication to helping those around them continue to be active, the unique and edgy designs on their products, and Brandon’s willingness to research, test, receive criticism (and praise!) — while keeping the same values and goals at the front of his mind: to keep you active and ruling.. 

“Our bones aren't getting younger, but they don't need to stop us either.” - Brandon Fields

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