The Start Up Gambit — Josh Law

Listen to Josh Law on The Startup Gambit Podcast

Our Chief Executive Officer was recently on the podcast The Startup Gambit hosted by Haste & Hustle.

If you don’t know about Haste & Hustle, you should! They exist to serve and support entrepreneurs. What started as an impactful event has grown into a massive community of like-minded business professionals.

The Startup Gambit speaks with people who are currently building their businesses to get their real time insights into the challenges and pitfalls. They also speak with seasoned entrepreneurs to shed light onto the journey and provide tactical advice and inspiration regardless of where you are in your entrepreneurial journey.

“This episode of the Startup Gambit podcast is filled to the brim with entrepreneurship gold. Josh Law, CEO of Only Co. and Co Founder of Go Fast Don’t Die, communicates perspective on picking a business partner, the skills needed to be an effective CEO, how to quantify your relationships as assets, creating a community that reliably converts to customers and more. Enjoy the episode, check out the show notes, let us know what stuck out to you and don’t forget to “Risk Happy”.”

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