Bloedorn Lumber

Bloedorn Lumber Celebrates 100 Years by Bringing Company Values to Life Through Emotional Storytelling
Original Problem / Opportunity

As Bloedorn Lumber approached its monumental 100-year anniversary, the company recognized an opportunity to strengthen its internal culture and align employees around a shared set of values and principles. While Bloedorn had already distilled these values, they struggled to find a compelling and emotionally engaging way to communicate them to their leadership team and, ultimately, the entire company. With a geographically dispersed workforce and a desire to make a lasting impact, Bloedorn sought a partner to help bring their values to life and inspire a sense of unity and purpose among employees.

Negative Stakes

Failing to communicate and embed these values effectively would have resulted in:

- A missed opportunity to capitalize on the milestone anniversary and reinforce the company's legacy and guiding principles

- A disconnect between leadership's vision and the day-to-day experiences of employees across various locations

- Potential erosion of company culture and employee engagement, as values remain abstract concepts rather than lived experiences

Positive Stakes

By tackling this challenge head-on, Bloedorn aimed to:

- Create a shared sense of identity and purpose among employees rooted in the company's core values and principles

- Foster emotional connection and pride in the company's history and future direction

- Equip leaders with a powerful tool to communicate and reinforce values-driven behavior

- Set the stage for the next 100 years of success, built on a foundation of strong company culture and employee alignment


Only Co partnered with Bloedorn Lumber to develop a compelling video-based solution:

- Identified key storytellers and locations that would bring the company's values to life in an authentic and relatable way

- Conducted on-site interviews and production, capturing genuine and emotionally resonant stories from employees across the organization

- Crafted a narrative arc that wove the company's values and principles throughout the video in a subtle yet impactful manner

- Produced a final video that perfectly balanced brevity and depth.


Through their partnership with Only Co, Bloedorn Lumber:

- Created a powerful and emotionally engaging video that brought employees to tears, demonstrating the deep connection and resonance of the company's values

- Reinforced a sense of unity and shared purpose among employees despite geographic distance and diverse roles

- Equipped leaders with a valuable tool to communicate and embed values-driven behavior throughout the organization

- Set the stage for the next chapter of the company's success, built on a foundation of strong culture and employee alignment

By investing in emotionally compelling storytelling, Bloedorn Lumber celebrated its remarkable 100-year history and laid the groundwork for a future in which every employee feels connected to and inspired by the company's guiding principles. This video serves as a lasting testament to the power of shared values and a reminder of the enduring spirit that has propelled Bloedorn Lumber to a century of success.