EMIT Technologies

EMIT Transforms Business Model and Revitalizes Brand Messaging with Only Co's Strategic Guidance
Original Problem / Opportunity

EMIT, a long-standing client, was at a crossroads in 2019 as the oil and gas industry faced a downturn. To adapt, they diversified their business by acquiring a structural steel company, relocating it from Greeley, and investing in contract manufacturing. 

However, this rapid expansion led to a convoluted brand message and website, failing to clearly communicate its new capabilities across three distinct sectors: energy systems, structural steel, and contract manufacturing. EMIT struggled to articulate its value proposition to potential customers and equip its growing sales team with a compelling narrative.

Negative Stakes

Failure to address these challenges would have resulted in:

- Missed business opportunities due to a confusing online presence

- Ineffective sales efforts without a clear, consistent message

- Difficulty attracting and retaining top talent without a strong employer brand

- Lack of cohesion and direction among employees regarding the company's identity and goals

Positive Stakes

By tackling these issues, H-E-B aimed to:

- Establish a solid foundation for their three business units to drive growth

- Empower their sales team with compelling messaging to win new clients

- Enhance their employer brand to attract and retain the best talent

- Align employees around a shared vision and set of values


Only Co applied their proven methodology to help EMIT overcome these challenges:

- Conducted a series of Only Exercise sessions to distill the unique value proposition and messaging for the overall company and each business unit

- Developed a comprehensive positioning guide to serve as the foundation for all brand communications and ensure consistency across touchpoints

- Created a range of positioning tools, including a revamped website, recruitment videos showcasing the benefits of living and working in Sheridan, and customizable sales templates in Canva

- Empowered EMIT's team with the tools and knowledge to effectively communicate their brand story and value proposition


With Only Co's guidance, EMIT was able to:

- Align employees around a clear, present-focused identity and set of values

- Provide leadership with the tools to communicate the company's mission and capabilities effectively

- Improve website user experience, driving better lead generation and conversion

- Equip the sales team with compelling, consistent messaging to win new business

- Enhance their employer brand to attract and retain top talent in a competitive market

Partnering with Only Co, EMIT transformed from a business struggling to articulate its value in the face of rapid change to a unified organization with a clear identity and compelling message. With a solid foundation, EMIT is poised to capitalize on new opportunities and drive sustainable growth across its three core business units.