KC Harvey Environmental

KC Harvey Environmental Revitalizes Brand and Positioning, Enhancing Acquisition Potential and Talent Attraction
Original Problem / Opportunity

KC Harvey Environmental, a leading environmental firm specializing in soil science and reclamation, found itself at a critical juncture when its founders and upper management decided to exit the business. Despite having a deal in place in 2019, the COVID-19 pandemic derailed their plans, forcing them to pursue an alternative path. The company brought in a young leader, Rio Franzman, as COO and pending CEO to maintain the company's growth trajectory and improve its position for a future exit or transition. However, KC Harvey faced several challenges, including a stale brand, undifferentiated positioning, and a lack of clear messaging around their soil science expertise.

Negative Stakes

Failing to address these issues would have resulted in:

- Missed opportunities to showcase their unique value proposition and attract potential acquirers

- Difficulty in attracting and retaining top talent, both in the professional engineering and field worker segments

- Stagnant growth and a diminished market position in the competitive environmental services industry

Positive Stakes

By tackling these challenges head-on, KC Harvey aimed to:

- Revitalize their brand and positioning better to reflect their soil science expertise and unique capabilities

- Enhance their attractiveness to potential acquirers and investors

- Develop a compelling employer brand to attract and retain top talent across all levels of the organization

- Position the company for sustainable growth and long-term success under new leadership


Only Co partnered with KC Harvey to develop a comprehensive brand revitalization strategy:

- Conducted an Only Exercise with key stakeholders, including the new CEO, founders, and long-standing partners, to distill the company's legacy, heritage, expertise, and capabilities

- Developed a new brand positioning, emphasizing their soil science expertise and environmental leadership

- Created a comprehensive messaging and positioning guide, along with updated brand standards and a refreshed logo inspired by the Munsell soil color chart

- Designed a new website and messaging framework to effectively communicate their value proposition to both potential acquirers and top talent


Through their partnership with Only Co, KC Harvey Environmental:

- Attracted the interest of a potential acquirer during the rebranding process, leveraging their refreshed positioning and messaging to demonstrate their growth potential and unique value

- Enhanced their employer brand, enabling them to more effectively attract and retain top talent across both professional engineering and field worker segments

- Positioned themselves as leaders in soil science and environmental services, setting the stage for sustainable growth and long-term success under new leadership

By revitalizing its brand and positioning, KC Harvey Environmental has transformed from a company at a crossroads to one poised for a successful acquisition and continued industry leadership. With a clear and compelling value proposition, the company is well-equipped to navigate the challenges and opportunities ahead while making a lasting impact in the field of environmental services.