STANDOUTS — Rob Miller, Frontier Asset Management

Listen to Rob's journey to leadership of an innovative financial company.

  • Moved to Sheridan in 1999 to help his uncle start a finance company
  • Became CEO of the company, Frontier Asset Management in 2015
  • Never had the plan to be a CEO, but stepped into a leadership role when the opportunity and need arose
  • Has grown Frontier Asset Management into an investment advisory company that takes a different approach when helping its clients invest, manage, and protect their assets

On episode seven of STANDOUTS, an Only Co. Production, we sat down with Rob Miller, CEO of Frontier Asset Management here in Sheridan, WY. During our chat with Rob, we talked about how his path in economics during college ultimately led him to becoming CEO of a finance company that’s focused on changing the industry perception of financial management — ultimately setting his team and company apart from the rest. 

Check out the full episode here, and keep reading for a summary of our chat below:

After having worked for Frontier Asset Management, his uncle's finance company, since 1999, Rob rose to the CEO position in 2015. As an investment advisory business focused primarily on investment strategy management, Frontier provides and builds investment portfolios for clients that range from retirement plans to individual savings. These strategic recommendations are presented to other financial advisors, who then outsource their investments.

Rob and his team have done a successful job at growing their business and more importantly, instilling trust between them and their individual clients — something that has become lacking in the financial advisory industry. As of late, financial advisors are moving down the scale of trustworthiness, as the question regularly arises of whether or not advisors have their client’s best interest in mind instead of their own. 

The way people (or companies) manage their client’s money and interact with them is a huge indicator as to whether or not they’re gaining trust or running a successful — and ethical — financial business. Rob understands this cultural enemy of distrust and lapsed ethics, and has used it to his advantage to not only set the industry standards by contrast, but also to clearly set him and his team apart from their competitors. 

In order to break free from the shadows (aka, the level playing field where you find your competitors) in the finance industry, you must know exactly what your competitors are bringing to the table. Rob recommends finding 3 main things that are either advantages or differences that your competitors simply cannot claim. For Frontier, those three things are:

  1. Downside First Focus
  2. Manager Match, and
  3. Wyoming or Cowboy ethics

In addition, Rob emphasizes the importance of creating and instilling a positive workplace culture that focuses on employee growth, value, and opportunity. This, in turn, helps his staff perpetuate trust through their client relationships — the fundamental reason behind their success.

If you’ve read this far and had either of these two thoughts:

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  2. Or, my company is not differentiated enough, and competitors are crowding out my once unique strategy

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