STANDOUTS — Seager Co.

Creating their niche through authenticity and sticking by their products

  • Apparel company started by 3 friends, Elliott Shaw, Case Anderson, & Mattson Smith in 2015
  • Small, bootstrap brand that has grown immensely since inception
  • Grew up in California surfing but were ultimately inspired by timeless western culture and apparel
  • Wanted to bridge the gap between different action sports industries and lifestyles through garments that they wanted/needed
  • Creating their niche through authenticity and sticking by their products by only producing what they’d use in real world living

On episode eight of STANDOUTS, an Only Co. Production, we sat down with Elliott Shaw, Case Anderson, and Mattson Smith — Co-Founders of Seager Co., a company “with the intention to uphold the Grit and Ruggedness of the Old West through community, experiences and timeless outdoor focused gear and apparel.” Throughout our conversation with the three, we learned about how they worked together to create the top-quality gear and apparel items they were searching for, and bring those to the market at large. They’ve envisioned products for all generations to appreciate, regardless of their activity of choice, way of life, or upbringing, while still preserving the authenticity of their own style and preferences at the forefront of everything they produce. 

Check out the full episode here, and keep reading for a summary of our chat below:

give me the gist

Growing up in southern California and being a part of the large surf culture there, Elliott, Case, and Mattson quickly realized there was something missing for them when it came to the apparel and gear that they were searching for. In college, they formulated the idea of starting an apparel brand that made clothing and gear inspired by timeless and nostalgic western movies, while also checking their own boxes when it came to functionality and wearability. Not being too keen on anything that was currently available in the market at the time, they decided to pool some of their own resources together to start the journey of founding an apparel company. Fast forward eight years later, and Seager Co. would eventually not only come to fruition, but has made its mark on the outdoor and lifestyle apparel industry entirely. 

Rooted in the surf industry, Seager Co. was built around building the bridge between different action sports and lifestyles, taking influences primarily from the SoCal surfing scene and western culture. As each of the three participated in outdoor recreational activities themselves, they all knew there was something missing in the “in between” of some of their favorite pastimes, whether that was surfing, camping, hiking, or simply enjoying the great outdoors. Elliott, Case, and Mattson were diligent in creating apparel out of a need and want for a style that wasn’t out there, or at least wasn’t available to them at an affordable price. 

Over the years, it’s clear that Seager Co. has been shaped by the founders’ fair share of learning curves and growing points, one such growth area being the creation and design of products. Most of Seager’s products spring from the Seager boys’ own wants and needs, but throughout the business process, they’ve quickly learned that the customer perception of a product or design can often differ greatly from their own. At the same time, sticking to their authenticity-driven mindset of only creating products that they would appreciate and use has ultimately led them to success in the long run. 

When asked what their brand agenda is, Elliott, Case, and Mattson agreed that Seager Co. aims to melt down polarizing styles and cultural differences by relating back to core values and shared lifestyles or experiences. Another major drive was the importance of creating timeless garments to use as the medium that connects individuals from different geographic locations or upbringings together in the same space. Specifically for Mattson, Seager Co. keeps the flag in the ground for timeless styles around for future generations to enjoy for years to come, regardless of the trends that ebb and flow. 

The Seager boys had a few last minute points of advice to those who want to not only offer a product/service, but to be a brand. Those five points are:

  1. Focus on a lifestyle 
  2. Find your voice first, your unique style, and what you bring to the table
  3. Stay true to it/be authentic
  4. Once you have the idea, then start it, and take the necessary steps to begin
  5. Surround yourself with the right people

If you’ve read this far and had either of these two thoughts:

  1. I’d love to share about my business with Josh on STANDOUTS
  2. Or, my company is not differentiated enough, and competitors are crowding out my once unique strategy

PLEASE REACH OUT! We look forward to connecting with you.

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